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We can remove your old insulation, offering combo packages for insulation removal and installation. 

Local knowledge of the Sydney area allows us to deliver insulation that meets our expectations, rest assured your home is in safe hands.

Insulation Vacuum & Removal

Old insulation may contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, pesticides, lead, toxins, dust-mist, and bird droppings.

Our advanced equipment effectively captures almost all dust, pollen, bacteria, and more to significantly reduce the risk of allergies and infections.

We ensure responsible disposal of the old insulation, making room for higher R-rating insulation, providing superior cooling and heating performance.


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Roof Insulation

To maximize the effectiveness of your roof insulation in Sydney, we suggest installing a minimum of R4.0. Remember, the higher the R-value, the better it performs.

Internal Insulation

We highly recommend installing R2.0 or R2.5 acoustic insulation in your internal walls and R4.0 acoustic insulation between floors. Trust us, it’s definitely worth the investment!

Underfloor Insulation

It’s always a good idea to have some underfloor insulation in your Sydney home. We suggest going for a minimum of R2.0 or R2.5. Did you know that floor insulation can be installed in both new and existing homes?

Peter Middleton
Peter Middleton
Peter and his team are truly amazing. Our roof threw them a curve ball but they took it in their stride. I highly recommend Peter and his team.
Angus Chard
Angus Chard
Paul and the boys did a great and professional job under difficult circumstances. I highly recommend them :)
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh
My expectations were exceeded by the crew's expert, courteous, and timely work on my insulation. In addition, they provided me with a reasonable price estimate in a timely manner.
Harsh Kapoor
Harsh Kapoor
I am fully satisfied 😊 thank you specially 👍
Advait Mehta
Advait Mehta
The staff at Aussie roof vac are friendly. They not only cleaned my roof space but also provided me with useful maintenance advice. Excellent service👍! Their team was professional and courteous from the initial contact to the completion of the job.🫶
Keith Platt
Keith Platt
Peter and his team did a really great job cleaning our roof cavity of 100 years of dust and old insulation bats. He put in new insulation and cleaned and tidied up before leaving. A professional job that we are very happy with.
Ashley Reynolds
Ashley Reynolds
Peter and his team did a top job of vacuuming out my roof space and then installing new installation. Professional throughout the team were in and out, no damage and no fuss, just a quality job. Can recommend
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark
Peter went out of his way to make sure we were happy with the work cleaning out our roof space and installing new insulation. He is ethical, knowledgable and skillful. I highly recommend his team and his work.
Hung Ngoc
Hung Ngoc
Highly satisfied. Great job, Aussie Roof Vac!

Special Savings Offer!

Special Offer: Discount for Roof Vacuuming with New Insulation Combo Package (Subject to Inspection and Based on 100 Square Meters Using Earthwool R4 Batts). Call or Message to Check Available Dates.

Stop putting up with an energy inefficient home, give us a call today to experience year round comfort on 0407 725 599

Insulation Materials

Earth Wool

TwinTech further enhances the super-soft and easy-to-handle qualities of Earthwool. With TwinTech, insulation manufacture has advanced a step further with a dual-forming technique that ensures a smooth finish on both sides, leading to better performance and aesthetics. ECOSE Technology is used in Earthwool ceiling batts, a sustainable, bio-based binder containing no formaldehyde and up to 80% recycled glass.

Bradford CSR Insulation

Bradford Gold insulation is a good choice for walls as it can help you save energy used for heating and cooling by up to 20%. This means that your energy bills will be reduced. The Bradford Gold Hi-Performance wall batts are insulation that is perfect for exterior walls. They are dense and high quality, which makes them great for keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient. They come in different levels of thickness, ranging from R2.0 to R4.0.


Thermal and acoustic insulation is provided by Knauf Insulation Roof blankets (unfaced). The foil of the appropriate duty classification can control condensation on a product. Builders, designers, and installers can choose from a range of R-values when selecting Knauf Insulation Roof blankets (unfaced). In the summer it keeps the building cool, and in the winter it keeps it warm thanks to its Knauf Insulation Roof blanket (unfaced).

Installation Uses & Types


To soundproof a theatre room or an entire house, acoustic insulation can be installed. Using soundproof batts reduces the transfer of noise between rooms in the home and creates a more peaceful environment.


Unlike foam insulation, thermal batts are dimensionally stable and won't slump. Thermal Batt Insulation is non-corrosive to steel, copper, and aluminium due to its inorganic nature.


Glass wool batts reduce energy consumption and improve the comfort of your home's temperature. Up to 100% recycled glass makes them extremely thermally resistant and easy to install.

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