Removing Old Insulation

Preparing For Removal of Insulation

To ensure your safety, we recommend switching off the electricity at the fuse box before commencing any work. It is important to take extra precautions when dealing with potential unseen wires in the wall while removing insulation.

To protect yourself from the irritants present within the fiberglass materials, please make use of disposable coveralls, safety glasses, gloves, and a ventilation mask. These simple yet effective measures will promote a secure and risk-free environment for all those involved in insulation removals. Follow our comprehensive guide to explore more.

Insulation Removal

It is advised to carefully remove insulation batts individually by rolling them up prior to packing them into double-thickness rubbish bags. When doing so from a wall, it is recommended to begin at the top and work downwards. As an environmentally conscious measure, please consider inquiring with your local council regarding disposal alternatives instead of discarding the rubbish bags in the regular bin.

Clean up any loose fibreglass

It is important to ensure that all loose fibres are swept up after removing insulation batts or fibreglass batts. Fibreglass is a resilient material, therefore taking the time to properly clean up any left-over fibres is highly recommended. In the event that your skin feels itchy, it is suggested that you wash the affected area with cold water once the removal of insulation is complete.

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Thomas Darley
Thomas DarleyGoogle Review
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Aussie Roof Vac helped me insulate a semi-detached terrace with limited access and pokey corners. Andrew was local and great, coming out to have a look and understand the issues before quoting, unlike others. The price was good, better than others - and the vacuuming of old dust/loose fill and insulation of new earthwool batts was excellent. I would definitely recommend!
Joseph Moussa
Joseph MoussaGoogle Review
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Thanks for the great work guys, 50 years worth of dust and pollution in my roof gone in a matter of hours. The guys took great care and laid some new earthwool batts which keeps the home comfy. My childrens asthma has improved as well which was the reason for calling in the first place.
Steve Moz
Steve MozGoogle Review
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Great service and value for money. Had issues with the loose insulation coming through into the sky light and getting into the down lights. Andrew and his crew vac 'ed out the loose stuff to remove the debris and which also removed my longing headache. Thanks Aussie Roof Vac high level of satisfaction with the job and service
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