Roof Cavity Vacuum

Cavity Cleaning

Aussie Roof Vac confidently removes old dust and harmful debris that may have accumulated on your roof. Our service not only ensures a cleaner home, but will also provide relief for those with allergies and breathing sensitivities. Trust us to make your home the best it can be.

Blow in Insulation Removal

We are experts at removing old insulation safely and effectively. Our specialized machine removes the old material without causing any mess. We guarantee thorough cleanup afterwards, leaving your ceiling spotless and ready for new, improved insulation. Trust us to maintain your roof every five years for maximum safety. Say goodbye to harmful old insulation and hello to peace of mind.

Special Savings Offer!

Special Offer: Discount for Roof Vacuuming with New Insulation Combo Package (Subject to Inspection and Based on 100 Square Meters Using Earthwool R4 Batts). Call or Message to Check Available Dates.

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What hazards may exist in your roof cavity?

The roof cavity is the space between your ceiling and external roof. It can accumulate various materials such as asbestos, animal droppings, dust, and fungal spores. Factors like natural events and industrial activities in your area can affect the types and amount of materials that collect in the roof cavity.

Could hazards in my roof cavity pose a risk to my health or safety?

Roof cavities that are undisturbed and isolated from residents are not hazardous. However, entering the roof cavity to perform work can be dangerous due to physical injury and potential health risks from materials. It’s essential to know the risks and the safety measures to take. Stay safe.

Before going into a roof cavity

Turn off electricity, use torch to check for hazards, watch for high temperatures. Be cautious of older homes with asbestos materials. Know safe handling procedures for asbestos.

While working in a roof cavity

To work safely in a roof space, wear P1 or P2 face masks, appropriate gloves, footwear, and loose-fitting clothes. Keep the area clear of waste and dust, and dispose of waste in thick plastic bags. Be cautious when walking on debris, roof trusses, or ceiling materials. Avoid damaging electrical cables or equipment. Contact a licensed electrician if necessary. Ask local council for advice for additional asbestos protection. Don’t use a household vacuum cleaner. Inform contractors of any hazards.

After going into a roof cavity

Dispose of waste properly and shower separately.

We offer professional removal of old insulation, debris, and unwanted material in your roof cavity starting at $1500 for a 4-bedroom house. Our team also provides a premium insulation installation service using top-quality brands such as R value, earthwool, bradford, and pink batts at affordable prices. With over 25+ years of experience, our Sydney business ensures optimal insulation performance.

Vacuuming the ceiling space revitalizes the roof cavity, protects against old dust, and clears space for new insulation. The insulation installers offer sale prices on the latest and most efficient R value batts that keep your home comfortable in any weather.

Call us to find out if your home needs insulation – 90% of homes built 10 years ago don’t meet new codes. Get a quote for cheap blow-in insulation removal and sale batts insulation in Sydney.

Our best team of insulation installers will come to your home within 2-5 days of accepting your quote, wherever you are in local Sydney. The team will first enter your ceiling space / roof cavity with our industry standard commercial vacuum cleaner to remove the old home insulation. This blow in removal process will only take a few short hours, once completed our best insulation installers will enter the clear ceiling / roof space and install the new earthwool, pink batts or bradford R value batts all in the same day.

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